market finds

One of the best parts about visiting a farmers market, is being exposed to the variety of produce that you generally cannot find in your standard grocery store. Or if you can find it, it generally doesn’t taste as fresh and real. Always ask your local farmer to tell you more about their products and be open to learning something new. You’ll be surprised by what more you can learn - whether it be about the items nutrition, benefit, cooking method or how to get creative with it in your own kitchen.

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  • Relieve constipation

  • Rich in anti-oxidants

  • Lower blood sugar

Summer season means stone fruit, and plums are one of my favorite stone fruits. Have you ever thought to roast plums with chicken? In a bowl, toss plums, honey, oil, salt, cinnamon and bay leaf together. Evenly spread the mixture over your chicken breasts, let it sit overnight and the next day, heat your oven to 450F and bake the chicken for 30-35 minutes.

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  • Each flower type has unique health benefits, including decreasing inflammation, relieving allergies, soothe an upset stomach, reduce symptoms of PMS and more

  • Edible flowers include chamomile, nasturtiums, pansies, lavender, mint, rose, coriander flowers and dandelions

  • Great addition to help brighten up and decor a plate

Seep it into a tea, add culinary lavender to a baked dish, sprinkle over a salad for added color and nutrients.

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  • Considered the oldest cultivated fruit in the world, dates go back at least 50 million years ago

  • Have a high fiber content and are low in the glycemic index

  • Studies show that they can help improve brain health by lowering inflammatory markers

Delicious as is, stirred into a warm pot of oatmeal, blended into a smoothie, chopped up into a salad or better yet - open it up, spread some nut butter and add a piece of dark chocolate on top.