Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is easily one of the most charming cities I’ve had the chance to visit. Every corner you turn has a new surprise and each street is more charming than before. The people are some of the most humble and welcoming, the food is incredibly delicious (don’t be afraid to eat street food here!) and the ambiance of the city itself is one of a kind.

a couple of notes prior to arriving:

  • Mexico City is at a 7500 ft elevation - you might feel these affects in the first day or two (headache, lightheaded, shortness of breath). Don’t panic, you can easily prepare for this prior to arriving and upon arriving. Taking chlorophyll drops in your water 3-4 days prior to your trip helps tremendously, as chlorophyll help to increase the body’s production of red blood cells - ie: providing oxygen throughout your body. You can buy a bottle at your local foods store (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Lassens). And upon arriving, be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated

  • Mexico City has a lot of air pollution and cigarette smoke. If you’re sensitive to either, consider bringing an anti-histamine (Claritin, Zyrtec, etc) to help alleviate your allergy symptoms

Eats + Drinks:

Cicatriz Cafe: great place for coffee with an adorable outdoor terrace storefront

Contramar: definitely make a reservation for here ahead of time, order the open faced fish and the fig tart!

La Nación

Flowers & Coffee

Pulpa Amor Liquido

El Moro: infamous for churros, my friend wasn’t the biggest fan. I think the street ones might be better! (sadly, not gluten free)

El Beneficio: really cute spot for breakfast near Frida Kahlo’s home; amazing omelettes!

Tierra Garat: the best chai tea latte I have ever had!

Tostadas inside of Mercado de Coyoacan

Cometa Helados: get the honey lavender ice cream; you’re welcome in advance.



GinGin: I don’t drink alcohol, but this place had great vibes for a place to stop and grab a cocktail

Borola Cafe: cute little shop for coffee or tea

Lucerna Comedor: adorable little mart with various food stations

Ojo de Agua: if you need a break from all the tacos and tostadas, this place has all the healthier fixins you need!

Restaurante La Noria

Cuyagua Cafe

Tacos Hola: INCREDIBLE tacos, the pumpkin blew me away

Places we didn’t get a chance to go to, but came highly recommended:

Neveria Roxy: dessert spot that looks like a 50’s diner

Jenni’s Street Quesadillas: blue corn tortillas

Rosetta: Italian x Mexican flare


Condesa: Hip and trendy neighborhood with lots of bars, restaurants and parks

Roma Norte: The hipper, less gentrified version of Condesa. Also has lots of coffee shops, boutiques, bars

Juarez: Just north of Roma Norte, has hip bars, coffee shops and restaurants

Coyocan: Bohemian neighborhood where the Frida Kahlo museum is

San Angel: Suburban neighborhood with a great Saturday market for crafts and unique arts, really cute homes and a great place to get lost and explore